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About the Project

Let us help you find services to connect in Northern Ontario. We all need to be connected. However access to the services that allow us to connect can be tough to find when you live in Northern Ontario. The open spaces and the rugged beauty that draw us and keep us here can also create obstacles. was created to help you find services to connect in Northern Ontario. Stay connected to the office, to loved ones and to the rest of the world.

Take Our Internet Speed Test

Not only will conducting this test provide you with real time results about your internet connection’s performance, it also provides us with the valuable metrics too. Test results will be used to share with Service Providers, Funding Agencies and other stakeholders interested in improving the digital landscape in Northern Ontario. If you have any questions about the speed test please visit our Questions About Services page.

Also, while you're here, take our internet access survey to let us know more about the quality of your network.