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Armour, Help Us Test Your Internet Performance!

The first step in improving internet access in Armour, Ontario. Armour Ontario Speed Test


Armour, help us test your internet performance!

Recently, the CRTC has established an ambitious speed target for networks to deliver speeds of 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload for broadband networks. Furthermore, the CRTC is establishing a fund to assist Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in upgrading their networks to deliver these services to 90% of Canadians who don’t currently have this level of access.

As a starting point to determine what gaps in service may exist in Armour, Blue Sky Net is asking you to participate by running the internet speed test at You will receive real-time results when running the speed test. We receive a tabular report of the test results too. We will use the results to populate a database of the area’s overall internet performance. No personal information is shared outside of the performance stats that you see yourself. No information is shared with third parties, marketers, or consultants.

To initiate the test, we ask you to give us the street address from where you are running the test. This is important to accurately identify network performances in your neighbourhood. If you’re using a tablet or smartphone with a cellular data plan, please ensure (when possible) you have enabled wi-fi to run the test. The speed test is located at the bottom of the homepage

Please feel free to take the test several times, it would help us if you took the test at different times of the day, too!

While you’re at, we’d also like you to take our Internet access survey to get your opinions on a variety of subjects about internet usage and access in Armour, Ontario. This will also help build the case for service improvements for your area. Like the speed test, no personal information will be shared outside this project!

Thanks for your help!