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About the Project

Let us help you find services to connect in Northern Ontario. We all need to be connected. However access to the services that allow us to connect can be tough to find when you live in Northern Ontario. The open spaces and the rugged beauty that draw us and keep us here can also create obstacles.

ConnectedNorth.ca was created to help you find services to connect in Northern Ontario. Stay connected to the office, to loved ones and to the rest of the world.


Nearly five years of Northern Ontarians contributing speed tests has led to The Speed of Northern Ontario Broadband report. The report is now available online. Click here to learn more.

Take Our Internet Speed Test

Connectednorth.ca has partnered with CIRA's Internet Performance Test, to collect the most detailed information relating to Northern Ontario's internet speeds. When you take this test, you are helping us to support applications to funding agencies such as the CRTC, the Universal Broadband Fund and the Provincial Broadband Fund. We use the information about speeds at your property to show the need and the impact improved Broadband Infrastructure will have.

If you have any questions about the speed test please visit CIRA's "How the Internet Performance Test Works" page.

Also, while you're here, take our internet access survey to let us know more about the quality of your network.

If you would like to report a location without internet access, please click here. Follow the link at the top of the page to the left of the “Start” button. From an internet connected device you will be able to locate the area with no internet connectivity.


The Government of Canada understands all Canadians need high-speed internet to connect with their families, places of work, education and access to essential medical services. Canada has multiple programs that will help more Canadians connect and have access to high-speed internet. You can read more about the programs available and Canada's plan on the Innovation, Science and Economic Development website here.