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Search for your community using the alphabetical list to begin. Once you land on your community name you will be able to see an infographic of statistics about your community like population, number of households that are served or underserved. You can compare your community with others in your region. Once you visit your community page you may have other questions. Use the information request page to ask, or visit the learn page for additional understanding of terms.

The community Profiles are something of a report card on how each community is doing in terms of access to broadband. The majority of the information is based on population and dwelling statistics from the most recent Census year. This information is cross referenced with coverage data supplied by ISPs as part of the ongoing BAIMAP data. Much of the information presented in the profiles has been summarized for easy consumption, more detailed information may exist. The calculations for households and businesses’ access to broadband refer to a connection that delivers at least 5Mbps, and does so at a fair-market price. Cellular-based, satellite or services that deliver below a 4.9Mbps service were not considered in these calculations though may be available. If you have questions about how we have compiled the data for your community charts, please visit the Questions about Services page.