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About the Project

Over the last seven years, Blue Sky Net in concert with other federally funded Information Communication Technology development organisations (ICTN’s) and Internet Service providers(ISP’s) have collected coverage and speed information to map all of the Broadband (Internet) service availability in Northern Ontario.

This information has been developed into this public portal to present a clear picture of service availability directly to consumers at the property/address level. This is important for businesses investigating service options, residents looking for providers or availability in their current or new home or vacationers interested in connectivity in the area during short term stays. This site will be of use to ISP’s for understanding where new business opportunities exist for their company.

The primary functions of Blue Sky Net and other ICTN’s as a FedNor funded agency are to enhance broadband access to unserved/underserved areas, develop and implement ICT applications and to offer training, education and awareness of technologies to surrounding communities.

This website is a chance to not only seek information about Broadband coverage in your area, but to share your experiences, learn more about technology and to help provide information that will ultimately serve to expand service in your area.

ConnectedNorth is dedicated to providing clear and accurate information about broadband and other telecommunication service availability to you. We’re also interested in hearing your stories about how connectivity or lack of connectivity has changed your life. These stories, and other information you provide us will be used to bring better and more affordable connections all across the North.



From late 2015 there have been just over 4,500 speed tests completed that can be verified and 4,330 within Northern Ontario. To date, connectednorth.ca has used the Speedofme platform with the test server located at a key interconnection point in Sudbury. The Speedofme platform was selected for several reasons, including because it was built with HTML5 the test looked similar and performed the same, across all browsers and devices. Speedofme also uses a testing methodology that does not overwhelm limited connections, making the test as fast for someone connecting with .5 Mbps as it does for someone connecting at 50 Mbps. With every speed test there are limitations, however due to the high number of test results received from connectednorth.ca, the test results provide useful insight into averages of upload and download speeds for those in Northern Ontario.

Read the full speed test report by clicking here.