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CRTC is Looking for Canadians’ Input on Broadband and Telecomm

The CRTC is looking for input from Canadians on their broadband internet and telecommunications services. The CRTC is asking Canadian to fill out a quick survey which has been made available until February 8, 2016.

As per the CRTC release:

The CRTC is currently reviewing telecommunications services, including Internet services, which are offered in Canada. During the first phase of this proceeding, which was launched in April 2015, the CRTC began to collect information to better understand the telecommunications services provided to Canadians and determine the areas in Canada that are not being adequately served.

During this second phase of the proceeding, the CRTC is seeking more information from Canadians and making it possible for them to share their views in multiple ways. As it is important to hear from Canadians across the country on these important issues, the CRTC is using both online and more traditional methods to facilitate their participation.