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Tools and Resources

The team is committed to providing tools and resources for private and community stakeholders. Use this website to learn about broadband services in Northern Ontario and feel free to make it a part of your plan for better broadband advocacy in Northern Ontario.

Many residents throughout rural Canada have limited access to affordable high speed internet. This is mainly because the investment needed to install and operate state of the art internet services is expensive, and there is uncertainty in rural markets’ ability to return that investment. Over the past 3 years, Blue Sky Net in partnership with FedNor and area Internet Service Providers have created a visual database of all of Northern Ontario and can provide a spatial view of where internet is, where it isn’t and what speeds it is delivered at.

Blue Sky Net based in North Bay has created this information as part of their ongoing technology development initiatives. One of the many features of the portal includes a high speed service availability checker where visitors can search their street address to see what ISP delivers connectivity to their cottage, home or office.

Tools and resources for:

Business owners and residents

Broadband Education

Technology offers vast solutions to everyday functions. It can be complicated and will provide elements within this website that will cut through the various technology terms and functions.

Learn more about broadband Speed test provides a responsive online speed test tool which can be used on any kind of device without needing to download additional applications.

Not only will conducting the speed test provide you with real time results about your internet connection’s performance, it also provides us with the valuable metrics too. Test results will be used to share with service providers, funding agencies and other stakeholders interested in improving the digital landscape in Northern Ontario.

You can take the speed test here.


Broadband availability

Whether you are a current or a prospective resident of Northern Ontario, you can use the address lookup tool to find out about what broadband infrastructure is accessible to your location.

Broadband address lookup tool.

Please contact your local ICTN or for additional information about broadband in your region.


Communities, organizations, economic developers and educational institutions

Broadband advocacy and data collection campaigns

If you are a community, community stakeholder, economic developer, or educational institution seeking to advocate for better broadband and require assistance in the form of informational resources or assistance in forming a data collection campaign, can help!

Contact your local ICTN or to learn more about potential collaboration opportunities.


Learn more about the broadband infrastructure in your region

The project known as Broadband and Associated Infrastructure Analysis Project (BAIMAP) has identified gaps in existing service areas, the bandwidths available in serviced areas and also clusters of demand for the service in these under and un-served areas. This has been done by mapping and analysing the existing bandwidth capacity or gaps in all areas, and by mapping demand based on population data and ‘self-identified’ customers on a Geographic Information System (GIS). is able to provide detailed community broadband maps. The maps combine population and dwelling statistics with known broadband coverage. These maps can be viewed as high resolution jpegs or can be viewed as an interactive map by clicking the link while hovering over the thumbnail.